Monday, July 18, 2011

My Top Five Lovable-But-Awful Rap Songs/Artists of All Time

Rap has brought along some of the most creative music anyone has ever heard.  With the likes of Nas, Eminem, Kanye West, and Jay-Z leading the pack; rappers like this put the English language on it's head and make you actually think about the lyrics and what they might mean.

The following list of artists on the other hand, are the complete opposite.

This list compiles my favorite lovable-but-awful rap songs and artists of all time.  What makes a song lovable-but-awful you might be asking? Well here is the criteria:

  • At any point during the song, do you just start chuckling to yourself at the obscurity of the lyrics?
  • At any point during the song, do you only sing the chorus because you have no idea what they are saying in any of their other verses?
  • At any point during the song, do you catch yourself trying to change the song but you just can't (like you've just seen a car accident, but instead it's in your brain)?
  • At any point during the song, do you think to yourself "how in the hell does this guy have a career"?
  • At any point during the song, are you embarrassed that people might be hearing you listening to this song?
  • Watching the accompanying video, do you laugh your ass off?
  • After listening to the song, do you find yourself singing the dumbest lyrics of the song?
  • After listening to the song, do you find yourself downloading it instantly, just to play it for your friends?
If any of these criterion apply to you; you have just found a lovable-but-awful song my friends.  

So without further ado, here are my top five lovable-but-awful rap songs.

5.) V.I.C. -- Get Silly
Starting out HOT with the number five video.  I have listened to this song a countless number of times, and laugh every time I hear it.  The dance itself is down right fucking unreal.  It has everything a bad song should consist of: a ridiculous video, a ridiculous dance, and a ridiculous rapper.  Check, Check, and Check.

4.) Dem Franchize Boys -- In My White Tee
Because of this little gem, every time I put on my white tee in the morning I sing this damn song. Dem Franchize Boyz have quite a few lovable-but-awful rap songs in their arsenal, but this is the one that started them all.

3.) Hot Stylz -- Lookin Boy
Jesus Christ, I didn't realize there were so many "lookin' boyz" in the world.  This song is beyond funny.  When this little ditty came out, who didn't call their friend a "Mike Vick lookin' boy".

2.) Soulja Boy -- Pretty Boy Swag
This song is just awful, but god damn it I love it.  It is way too catchy not to sing and god damn it gets you jacked.  Soulja Boy some how has became astronomically rich ($200,000 Gucci bed sheets anyone?) while making some of the easiest/ shittiest songs recorded.  Good work my friend. GET OUT THE WAAAYY!

1.) Lil B -- Any song that this man puts out.
Wow, the new king of shitty rap is here ladies and gentleman and his name is Lil B.  Listening to any of his songs make you utter the words "what the hell am I listening to?"  He is easily the dumbest human being to ever walk the earth.  He is easily the worst rapper to ever live.  But, he is the most lovable-but-awful song maker of our life time.

Just to give you a hint of what this guy is like, his debut album was titled "I'm Gay"...what the fuck man.  His favorite word in the world, is "swag".  He has songs where he compares himself to the likes of; Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres, Charlie Sheen, and Justin Bieber.

But Lil B makes bangers.  Any of his songs will get you jacked and you will enjoy yourself while you listen to the obscure nature of his lyrics. OH MY GOD BASED GOD!

As rap continues to move forward, I'm sure there will be plenty more lovable-but-awful songs to come. But for now, listen and enjoy.

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