Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AFC East Preview

Football season is just right around the corner.  Well actually tomorrow.  So out of pure boredom and the fact that I haven't posted on here in a long time, I have decided to do two divisions every day before Sunday, or just two a day until I run out of time (because let's be honest, my work ethic blows ass).  So we'll start with the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills
Oh the woeful Bills. It has been a long time since you have been able to circle your infamous wagons and actually win some games. There have been three 7-9 seasons since 2006, along with a 6-10 record in 2009 and a 4-12 record last year. That is the definition of mediocrity. Is there any one player on the Bills that you really wish you had on your team? Terence Mcgee has had no more than 4 picks in his entire career. He hasn’t played a full season either. They did just draft Marcell Dareus, who will give them big improvements on the D-line, but still won’t help a great deal for a defense that was 9th worse in yards per game, and the worst rush defense in the league. Their pass defense looks good on paper, but when all an opposing team has to do is run the ball, not a damn pass will be thrown.

Ryan Fitzpatrick might have scored high on his Wonderlic, but he is definitely not the answer at quarterback for this team. Sure he had a pretty decent season last year, but come on. C.J. Spiller was a bust from his first rush, and Fred Jackson is nothing to shake a stick at. Stevie Johnson came out of nowhere last year, but he is a god blaming silly nanny that is the only thing close to a reliable receiver on the team. This offense is really just a bunch of backups anywhere else.

Let’s face it, the Bills look awful and they will be battling for the worst spot in the East the whole year.

Vegas Wins Predictions: 5 ½. Give me the under on that one. It will be a shit show at the bottom of the AFC East this year.

Miami Dolphins
Have you even been to the DMV, grabbed the number 48 and realized they are only at 22. Then you sit and read old People magazines from 2008 for two hours? Sure it’s better than doing nothing but it’s still pretty damn boring. Well that is the equivalent to the Miami Dolphins.

It has been a while since the ol’ Wild Cat days for this squad, and their offense really hasn’t been anything spectacular since. They get rid of Ronnie Brown and “Sticky” Ricky Williams, and replaced them with Reggie Bush and rookie Daniel Thomas. Thomas was all the rage once the lockout ended (especially on my fantasy team…regret that drunken fourth round pick) but has suddenly become the backup to Reggie Bush. Now, unless the Dolphins are expecting to run screen passes all day, I don’t know how effective Reggie can be as a primary back.

They do have Brandon Marshal and Davone Bess, which make a pretty dastardly duo for their wide outs. There is though, still one major problem...Chad Henne. With all the free agent buzz on them signing Mcnabb or Kolb, they didn’t even make a move. I’m sorry fellas but Henne is not the answer under center. I’m thinking maybe Donnie Henne, the pizza delivery boy would be a better answer than Chad. I think this offense is one good quarterback away from being a damn good one.

Their defense has played very well over the years though. Last year they were top ten in both rushing and passing defense. Look for that to continue in 2011. Vonte Davis has proved to be a reliable shut down corner, and Dansby is still a beast at line backer.

Vegas Wins Predictions: 7 ½. I’ll take the under. They have a pretty tough schedule this year, but I could see them going over by squeaking out some wins against teams that should kill them.

New England Patriots
I can’t remember the last time the Patriots were awful. Ever since Tom Terrific played they have always beat the snot out of teams. Look for this to continue in 2011. Their offensive line is one of the best in football and they have a quarterback that would make me a 1,100 yard receiver. They’re offense was essentially made up of bits and pieces that they had on their roster, but it always seems to work for them. Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis was a very good red zone rusher last season, scoring a total of 13 touchdowns, and Danny Woodhead (that’s not even a joke I just think he’s a good player) became a good third down option for them. They add Chad Ocho Cinco to a wide receiving core that needed a little boost of talent. Well they have that with Chad.

Their defense was kind of sketchy last year though. Their pass defense ranked 30th amongst the league, and their rush defense was 11th. Devin McCourty showed that he should be respected as a ball hawking corner, grabbing seven balls, but they still can’t cover anyone.

But with that being said, the Patriots know how to win games and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses. They have the best coach in the game, and I believe he has the telepathic ability to know what the other team will run. They will be a strong, competitive team once again this season.

Vegas Wins Predictions: 11 ½. That seems high, but I predict that they win 12 this year, and march to the AFC Championship. What I have learned from my experiences; never bet against Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick.

New York Jets
Rex Ryan is my boy. And the Jets are a hard nose, punch you right in the kisser type of team. They run hard, they hit hard, and they talk mad shit. What’s not to love about this team.

The Jets defense is arguably the best in the league. They have, in my mind, the best football player in the league in Derrell Revis playing corner along with Antonio Cromartie, so you can’t pass on them. They have huge guys like Bart Scott and David Harris filling the gaps in the front seven, so you can’t run on them. This is a definition of an offensive coordinator’s nightmare.

Their offense is a definition of a blue collar offense. Run the ball, run the ball, and run the ball. They ranked 4th in rushing offense last season, and expect them to do the same in 2011. Shonne Green is back with LT, and I’m sure he isn’t going to disappoint two years in a row. Look for him to make great leaps in his play.

Their passing offense wasn’t very good though. They ranked only 22nd last year and that is due to the part of their quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez might win games, but he isn’t the best thrower in the world. He makes too many questionable forced passes and he can’t throw more than 20 damn yards. They have Santonio Holmes back this season, and he is a great target for Sanchez. He has great hands and great speed. The Jets also bring in a felon, which is never a bad thing (right?), with Plaxico Burress. The word is that he hasn’t lost any of his hands that he once had, and he should be a monstrous target for Sanchez in the red zone. Sanchez will not make the step into elite status just yet, but he is improving and will take a big step forward this season.

Vegas Wins Predictions: 10. I’ll take the over, but only to 11 wins. They will be a very competitive team that will kick the shit out of lesser opponents.

Final Standings

New England: 12-4
New York: 11-5
Miami: 7-9
Buffalo: 5-11

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