Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bike Lock Fun?

Eric Walker

Recently(Saturday), I decided to buy a new bike from Target for a couple hundred stacks and I realized I had to update my $5 WalMart bike lock with a $10 WalMart bike lock so I made one of the greatest purchases of my life. A WordLock in a word: secure bike lock as seen here(that's a nice plug, I should probably get commission for it).

So I was just messing around with it and this came up which gave me a great idea. NEW BLOG POST! It was also fitting because I had just dropped one of these off for the Eau Claire sanitation department to take care of.

As you can tell by looking at this one, I got on a roll and decided to have a little fun playing Words with Myself.

Nothing better than lighting up one of these after some, hot unprotected sex with multiple prostitutes.
No real comment to give here, just thought it was funny.
It's short for woodpecker, get your head out of the clouds you perve.
Nah, you were right. They're all meant to be dirty.
Hamburger buns or the other kind. It's all good.
One of our 7 readers, Mr. John LUNDquist. Yes I checked Facebook to make sure I spelled your last name right.
This makes me think of Manu Ginolbli. I hate you sooooo much.
Mort Goldman from Family Guy here representing the Jewish community.
This one is for all the gorgeous women out there that I have no chance with. Keep lighting up Maxim magazine.
Randy Moss the boss who pay the costs. I'm projecting that Randall is going to grab 45 balls, for 534 yards and 4 TD's this year. I suspect Clarence will be picking him up in the 3rd round.

This piece of art is dedicated to Alex "Dad" Bina.

Here is a reminder to the worst editor on the planet  Zachary Raymond "Busta" Ellis, you suck!

I'm out of here because I need to

I was done until I came across this gem. You have no idea what this means because YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED THE BEST SHOW TV HAS EVER PRODUCED. Sorry for yelling, but it is called The Wire and it ran on HBO from 2002 to 2008. Poot was a character on the show for all five seasons. Check out this masterpiece as you will not be disappointed. I have even convinced my moms to take a peek and she is hooked. Forget CSI: Miami(SAM LINDGREN) and shit ass Burn Notice(SAM LINDGREN), The Wire is the real deal.

Finally, this one is for Lindsay Piwashashuck. Even though you dislike most of the things I have blogged about, you get to be on it :)

Eric Walker
The Lounge Chair Legends


  1. It's too bad you couldn't get "SLIN", then Sam could borrow some wheels that turn

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