Monday, May 7, 2012

Smore Books To Read

It's time to make momma proud. I suppose I should tone the blog down for a post or two so I guess I'll school you with my knowledge on some good books to read. Wait, Eric reads? Yes blockhead, I do. Outside of playing video games, watching TV and biking(my newest hobby thanks to my sweet new Target bike), reading is one of my favorite hobbies. When I'm not hanging out with my supermodel girlfriend Kate Upton, I like to pick up a good book and enter into another world thanks to's cheap ass books and user reviews.

Crazy For The Storm by Norman Ollestad

An entertaining story about a tragic plane crash involving Norman Ollestad(the author dummy), his father, his father's girlfriend, and the pilot. Technical failures lead to the plane crash, leaving only young Norman alive to make it down the mountain. The chapters alternate with the first being about the crash and the next being about the events leading up to the crash. Overall a good read for somebody who enjoys a solid survival novel.

The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough

So, a bunch of rich ass, old guys buy a lake and turn it into a resort atop the city of Johnstown. There wouldn't be a story here but neglect led to the breaking of the damn the resort was on during hurricane like conditions in 1889. When the damn breaks, a lake travels down the mountainside and  demolishes the booming steel town of Johnstown killing 2,000 people. The detail in the book is unreal as you can picture people getting eaten up by the wave while others ride miles downstream atop whatever would hold them. A great history lesson of an event that you probably never read about in high school. The best part about this book is that Andrew Carnegie was one of the men who was part owner of the lakeside resort. This probably doesn't mean anything to you but he was only the second richest human being to have ever lived(worth and estimated $300 billion). Just another case of the 1% taking a shit on the working man.

Farther Than Any Man by Martin Dugard

A biography of the rise and almost comical fall of James Cook, one of the greatest explorers to have sailed the seas. Another cool history lesson  on the three circumnavigations that James Cook orchestrated during his life. Alright, I'm gonna ruin the ending because I know nobody is going to read this. James Cook gets chopped into 100 pieces by some aborigines which I  thought was really funny for some reason.

Skeletons On The Zahara by Dean King

If you haven't guessed by now, I like to read historical, survival books, not that make believe shit like Twilight. I might be a hypocrite because I have read all of the Hunger Games books and seen the first movie but that is different because it could happen. Stupid ass vampires falling in love with stupid ass humans falling in love with stupid ass werewolfs? That's just dumb. Anyways, Skeletons follows a merchant ship from Connecticut that shipwrecks off the west coast of Africa. The 12 sailors become enslaved by Arabs and spend months wandering The Zahara Desert with their masters, surviving on camels milk and a few drops of water a day. This story makes Norman's sound like a cake walk.

I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It by Charles "Round Mound of Rebound" Barkley

Good ol Chuck gives plenty of laughs as he gives his opinion on many of the social issues we face today. If you like Chuck at all, I would check this book out. He doesn't recount many things from his days in the NBA but I could listen to Chuck talk about the WNBA and it would be entertaining. If you don't believe me, just watch an episode of Inside The NBA where he co-hosts with Shaquille O Neal. Here's a hint of what goes on.

ESPN: Those Guys Have All The Fun by James Miller and Tom Shales

Along with The World Without Us(an eye opening book about what would happen to Earth if humans just up and done disappeared), I am currently reading this documentary about ESPN. If you have ever watched an episode of SportsCenter, this book will entertain the shit out of you. ESPN has been my life for 23 years and counting and this book is what it's all about. Our so called editor wouldn't give me his copy so I had to go out and buy this but I have not been disappointed. I am only on page 430 or something but this book has already made me laugh and smile a ton while also making me tear up thanks to the 7 or so pages about Jimmy V's famous speech. Check it out because it is definitely the most inspiring speech I have ever heard. Well, I just watched this again and teared up a little. Goddamn, what a speech.

I know this wasn't the most entertaining piece of garbage I have written but you can blow it out ya asssss(Luda!) if you didn't like it. There will be better stuff on the way, I promise :)

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