Monday, July 9, 2012

416 to 1310

Eric Walker

It was a sad, sad day when I finally realized that I would be moving out of the house that I had spent the last 2 years of my life but upon entering my new joint, I got the feeling that I was going to like this clean and quiet(one) place a lot more.

416 6th Avenue
As seen here(this is the best picture I had), the 416 house had many gatherings that left the house and yard in shambles. The place definitely took a beating as the $962 worth of damages can attest to.

The video was taken the same night as the picture. This is what happens when you combine alcohol with fire and I still can't believe that we didn't get in any trouble for this. Right on the front yard ballin. Explicit content so beware.

1310 Jefferson Court. Come say hello. 

Welllllll, on to the main point as I will be pointing out the pros and cons of the old busted joint and the new hotness( The first pro that comes to mind is how clean and quiet(two) the new place is. As much as I liked being a maid, cleaning up for my own damn self is pretty nice. Along with the quiet comes a looooot of reading time. I've knocked out 7 and a half books so far and I will be sharing those gems with you real soon.

Kobe on the fridge? Talk about baller.

Another positive is the location. I never have to drive on Water Street or Clairemont Avenue ever again. There is nothing more frustrating the taking Clairemont and being stopped at every red light because Johnny One Car is trying to make a left turn from a side street. Efficiency is also something that 1310 is going to bring to the table. There is one TV, fridge and PS3 compared to 2 fridges, 1 chest freezer, 3 mini fridges, 5 TV's and 6 video gaming consoles at 416. Yea, our electric bill wasn't the cheapest. Speaking of efficiency, we haven't had to turn the heat on here because it has been hotter than the devil's asshole but I'm sure the heat isn't going to leak out like the sieve at 416. It was always a miracle there, the heat would up and vanish like a fart in the wind(ooooooh do you get it?). Keeping the heat at 60 degrees all Winter had its advantages but being warm wasn't one of them.

Kitchen where I cook meth like Walter White.

To finish off the pros, I am going to nonsensically list off some stuff. There is shade, a garage(pictured below), a clean and quiet(three) neighborhood, a bball court(below), cooler house temperature, very quiet washer and dryer, nice basement, and a shower with some water pressure.

The bomb ass garage with my Bugatti inside

On to the cons of 1310 or more like the pros of the old busted joint. The memories created there will be unmatched as things like throwing dressers out of windows and bus loads of people showing up for parties occurred and don't forget the 50 man brawl that took place during Homecoming. Following that fight was the first and probably last time that I was part of an angry mob. Also, the 3 and a half block walk to the bars was very nice as now we will have to walk about two thirds of a mile and cross a bridge on the way(we going swimming Kiel), not to mention finding our way home as I was once lost across the street from my house.

This is where the magic happens in my dreams.
The house at 416 was also a prime spot to go tubing as we could float to the boat landing by the hockey rink and walk home. It was also a great spot to "holla" at women that would laugh and blow us off like a layer of dust. The main thing that I will miss about 416 is the camaraderie that comes with living with 5 other broz. Any night you wanted, there was always somebody to party it up with even it was Sunday.

5-2 on this sumbitch which is terrible for me.

Overall, I am going to have to say that the clean and quiet(four) of the new hotness wins the debate but that doesn't mean I will forget the old busted joint. Too much good shit went down there(remember Christmas under the stairs?) to write it off. I wanted to wait a while and get used to the new house before I wrote this and I think I discovered everything better and worse about it. The new place has yet to officially be broken in so there definitely needs to be a dog pound weekend in the future and house warming gifts are welcome. Just a side note, the formatting on this site is terrible and that's why all of the pictures and writing are just everywhere. It's annoying as hell trying to fix it too, so I just left it. Deal with it.

Eric Walker
The Lounge Chair Legends

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