Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 NFL Playoff Predictions

Disclaimer: These picks are going to be made on bias and gut feel. If you don't like it, you can go read somebody else's blog. No, don't do that, we need you. 

Wild Card

#6 Chargers vs. #3 Bengals

This is a pretty simple decision for me. Philip Rivers>Andy Dalton. This season, Rivers has 500 more pass yards, 9 less ints, and a head that is not full of red hair. You add those 3 things together and you have the recipe for playoff success(or at least a first round W because Peyton is lurking). Chargers with the "upset" 28-17.

#5 Chiefs vs. #4 Colts

I guess everybody that dubbed Andrew Luck a "can't miss" was on point. Back in the playoffs as a sophomore, Luck looks to make Alex Smith his bitch on his way to a match up with Tom Terrific. Colts at home and Chiefs losing 5 of 7 leads me to believe that Indy will advance, 30-20.

#6 Saints vs. #3 Eagles

Is Nick Foles acutally good? That is the question that I keep asking myself as he keeps throwing tds and sleeping with attractive women because of it. I guess we will find out Saturday when he has to face a proven champion in Drew Brees. It's crazy how an 11-5 team can get stuck with the 6 seed because there are 2 shitty division champions with worse records ahead of them and with that being said, Who Dem Saints. 33-21.

#5 49ers vs. #4 Packers

Expect more of this on Sunday. 49ers 30-17.


#6 Chargers vs. #1 Broncos

Peyton Manning has thrown 55 tds this year. Go grab your 5th MVP award or whatever and see you in the AFC Championship game. Denver 38-20

#4 Colts vs. #2 Patriots

If it weren't for Peyton Manning, Tom Brady might be the story of the year with the garbage he has had to work with. 12-4 with that cast is pretty incredible and I didn't see it coming just like that guy didn't see Aaron Hernandez coming. The Pats have been rolling all year but Andrew Luck will slap them in the face with a 4th quarter, Tom Bradyesque drive to win 28-24.

#6 Saints vs. #1 Seahawks

This match up will always have a special place in my heart because of this.

And for that simple reason(and being at home), I am going to go with the Seahawks 34-24.

#5 49ers vs. #2 Panthers. 

This might be my favorite match up of the playoffs as it will be $cam Newtons first chance to shine in the playoffs and I think he will provide Carolina with nothing less than a big fat W. Speaking of W, I want some mufuckin Wendy's. Panthers roll at home 23-10.

AFC/NFC Championships 

#4 Colts vs. #1 Broncos

By this point, Peyton will be at 58 or 59 tds and just itching to get back to the Super Bowl to tie shit bird Eli in rings. With that on his mind and the media going b-a-n-a-n-a-s over Peyton vs. Old Team/Luck, I think he comes through this year. 2013 has been Peyton's year and it will not end with another AFC Championship loss. Broncos 27-14. 

#2 Panthers vs. #1 Seahawks

This should really be an incredible game as the #1 and #2 defenses in the league will be battling it out for a chance at the Super Bowl. This match up can really go either way as both teams have good young QB's but Cam has the edge in experience when it comes to getting paid to play in a big championship games and I think he uses it to Superman his team to the promised land. A nail biter that finally shuts up the 12th man. Panthers 27-21. 

Super Bowl XLVIII

Panthers vs. Broncos

This is it folks, the big one. I feel like there has been a string of exciting Super Bowls and this one should be no different. The G.O.A.T. trying to get a 2nd ring vs. the future legend trying to get number one. Let's hope there is not 2 feet of snow on the field this year so we can watch these two greats go head to head. My final prediction for the 2013(is it considered 13 or 14?) season is that the Carolina Panthers will hoist the Lombardi trophy high up in the air after they win a thriller, 31-27. Rumble young Cam, rumble. 

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