Friday, January 10, 2014

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch The WWE

The last 10 years of my life up until November have been a complete waste of time. I accomplished very little, slept with only a couple of models, and watched 0 hours of WWE. Who would do this to themselves I ask? That answer was me until my co-creator Joe put me on blast for leaving my roots behind. Since that day, my life has not been the same and I feel reborn like a crack addict who found Jesus.Those 2 months have been an incredible ride and you are about to be coerced into joining the millions of fans who already know what a truly great SPORT this is.

#8 It Is Just Another Sport

Like basketball, football, hockey, and so on, wrestling is on TV to entertain and it does that better than most of the garbage out there right now. The WWE is full of athletes including gold medalists, college football players, and even has a former worlds strongest man on its roster. Sure the punches and kicking might be a little fake but have you seen a Nascar driver, tennis player, or golfer fly 15 feet through air and annihilate an announcer's table? Didn't think so.

#7 The Divas

Their fights are short, uninteresting and even lacking in the amazing showmanship that the WWE is known for but damn they look good doing it and that definitely makes it worth your while.

You're gonna say no to this?
#6 The Personalities

As previously mentioned, the showmanship and personalities in the WWE are just off the charts. These guys know what they do is scripted and sometimes off the walls ridiculous but they never break character and bring everything they have 2-3 nights a week. Randy "The Macho Man" Savage might be one of the more well known personalities to have partaken in the WWE and it has been reported that(when he was alive) he never left character. 24/7 this guy acted like a maniac just to keep his image going(or he might have been crazy) for the public. This is just one of the great personalities that the WWE had and continues to offer.

#5 Amazing Story Lines/Twists

What would basketball fans do if the NBA took Lebron James from the spotlight and forced him into the shadows for the unknown future? They would go nuts right? Well, that is exactly what the WWE did to Daniel Bryan. Currently the most popular person in the business, his storyline was written to join a trio of hillbilly rednecks know as the Wyatt Family instead of pursuing the coveted title by himself. He was plucked from stardom against all fan support to create a huge twist and potentially great twist down the road. Just to show you how popular he is, this is his chant a few nights ago during Michigan State's halftime show. That's klout my friends and I just got chills.

#4 Rivalries

Another great thing about the WWE is the rivalries that go on every. single. night. Each wrestler has his rival/s that he has to deal with on every show and it will always lead to confrontation in or out of the ring. Think of it like this, the Celtics-Lakers, Red Sox-Yankees, Blue Devils-Tar Heels, Packers-Vikings playing each other twice a week, every week without a let down. The possibilities are endless with rivals teaming up, breaking apart, and just simply laying the smack down on each other. This is what I'm talking about and I would tell you to skip to a certain point but my goodness I can't choose.

#3 The Atmosphere

That right there is 82,500 fans cheering on a TV show.

#2 WrestleMania

The thing that makes WrestleMania great is that it's scripted and ALWAYS lives up to the hype. It's the Super Bowl of wrestling and will continue to be awesome because the WWE has a team of writers that are constantly trying to top themselves. Imagine how incredible "real" sports would be if they had a few mad scientists behind closed doors dreaming up things like football games ending with back to back to back to back touchdowns with under a minute to go. The fan base would quadruple and there is not telling how much revenue they would bring in. It's time to take some notes from the WWE and elevate to the next level.

#1 Outrageous Moments

Home runs, overtime goals, and field goals to win the game are always exciting but do any of those involve driving a Coors truck into a stadium with 20,000 fans, trash talking everybody in sight, and spraying down the billionaire owner of your "team" with gallons of beer? No and that's what gives the WWE an edge. Every night, something incredible(albeit not this awesome) happens and that's what keeps the fans excited. Disgustingly crazy moments like the one below(described above) are unforgettable and they create so much joy in so many people, leaving them with endless stories to tell their grandchildren.

The Lounge Chair Legends

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