Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mr. Better Late Than Never

I never, ever thought the words "Matthew McConaughey is a really good actor" would come out of my mouth. A few years ago that phrase would just be lumped in with all of the other garbage that I was spewing but now, I honestly believe it has come true so let's put our heads together to try and figure this one out.

I was reading a book recently(What The Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell) and one of the chapters in there talked about how some writers, athletes, painters just blossom and explode at a young age while others take time to develop and find themselves further down the road in life. An example of this would be Stephen King who wrote The Shining, Salem's Lot, Carrie, and The Stand(if you ever read a book of his, pleaaaase read this one. 1000+ pages but goddamn it is worth it.) all by the time he was 31. On the other side of the spectrum there is J. R. R. Tolkien who wrote that famous book called The Hobbit when he was 45 and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy would not be published for another 17 years after that.

I'm not trying to compare the fame of those writers to Matthew McConaughey(hold up, heyyyyyy) but the ways in which they become famous. Up until 2011, the only thing McConaughey was known for, for me at least, was terrible acting, being in the movie where Sam Jackson yelled at Kevin Spacey,

and this Family Guy clip.
It wouldn't let me put the video up but click the link to see a perfect description of pre-2011 McConaughey to the T.

2011 was McConaughey's tipping point(another good Malcolm Gladwell book) as he finally figured out acting and actually earned his A-List status. The movie that put him over the hump was The Lincoln Lawyer which was based on the New York Times #1 bestseller of the same name. From there it has been nothing but elevating his game from one flick to the next.

(All scores are from Rotten Tomatoes)

Any true-crime comedy that can pull off that kind of percentage is impressive and it's on the top of my to-watch list.

Killer Joe(2012)-78%
Let me throw this premise at you. McConaughey plays a hit man who is hired to kill a drug dealer's mother and ends up holding the dealer's sister as "sexual collateral" until he can pay for the hit. Intriguing? Yea.

Magic Mike(2012)-80%
If you are a woman, you have already seen this one and know what I am talking about. The main story follows Channing Tatum(OMG he makes my clothes fall off!) but this movie would not have been as good without our boy Matthew.

Dallas Buyers Club(2013)-93%
The man has already won a Golden Globe for his role in this film and is a front runner for the Oscars with Leonardo DiCaprio. Within the first 10 minutes of this movie, you learn that McConaughey is HIV positive and is only given 30 days to live. What would you do with this time? Spend time with family, enjoy life? Well, McConaughey decides to smuggle a loooooooot of non FDA approved drugs into the country to help those who are in a similar situation. He also looks like a skeleton because he lost nearly a quarter of his chiseled frame for the role.

The Wolf of Wall Street(2013)-77%
He's only in this movie for maybe 5-10 minutes but you won't forget him at the end and you will also see while he has some stiff competition at the Oscars with Leo.

Lee Daniels' The Butler(2013)-73%
Another small role for Matthew but he doesn't get to play JFK pre-2011.  This role is just a testament to where he is heading as an actor.

This movie is at 98% for a reason folks. No scene is wasted in this one as McConaughey delivers his best performance in a film up to this point in his career. I would best describe it as a modern Stand By Me type of film for both adults and young adults. Oh yea, Reese Witherspoon looks nasty good in it too.

True Detective(2014)-HBO
It's on HBO, it's incredibly brilliant, and I have never been wrong about a TV show.

Interstellar(2014)-1000% based on this fascinating trailer.

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