Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Annoying Things

4 years ago I made a list of things that annoy me and it's about time to create a new one.
  • Getting email after email after email from places that you have purchased something online. No Macys, I don't want 10% off my next order so you can mess that one up too. Other offenders: Kohls and Victorias Secret (although I do appreciate the random catalogs).
  • When somebody makes a reference to "winning or breaking the internet." The only ones who win the internet are the cable companies and coincidentally they are also the ones who break it.
  • This whole killing of the lion thing and people being social media weekend warriors. I'll let Bill Maher sum it up. 
  • Bumper stickers and a couple in general. The one that says "my son/daughter is a honor roll student at so and so middle school." Awesome, your kid can find the slope of a line and memorize the periodic table. The other one being that stupid 26.2 bumper sticker. Oh you ran a marathon? So did this guy and although he didn't "run" it, he now has the same bumper sticker as you. Not impressed.  
  • All of the hatred towards Tiger Woods. Christ people, he slept with a few.......hundred women and now sucks at golf but you are going to throw him under the bus like that? I think most people are just mad that they now have to be good role models for their own kids. 
  • Having to watch a 30 second ad about some overpriced car just to watch a 15 second sports highlight. I'm looking at you
  • People who use Facebook as a platform to complain about how hard life is to a host of people who genuinely don't care. Listen to Louis ck and let him solve everything for you.
  • Watches being worn on the inside of wrists.
  • The word "staycation" and referring to Target as "Tar-jay."
  • During summer when that occasional cold day comes along and that one idiot goes "haha so much for global warming." Don't you remember The Day After Tomorrow? Super scientist Dennis Quaid told us that the world would freeze because of global warming.
  • TV shows that have unnecessarily long intros. Anything over 30 seconds is too long unless it is an awesome intro or has an awesome song to go along with it. An example of something that covers both of these criteria is The Sopranos. 

Yes, this is a real TV show.

  • People who blog about things that annoy them.....shit!
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