Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hard Knocks: Fantasy Football With NEW DAY ROCKS!!!

Every year around the turn of Summer to Fall, America's most popular sport returns to the main stage and along with it comes Fantasy Football. This year HBO has decided to cover the controversial NEW DAY ROCKS!!! and their outspoken Manager/GM/President/Coach Eric Walker. This years team name is drawn from the current WWE tag team champions "The New Day" as Coach Walker will try to regain his championship glory following a tumultuous 2015 Paper Plate League where his team faltered to an embarrassing 9th place finish.

Back to back championships in 2009 (Paper Plate League) and 2010 (Grem Grem) are now a distant memory and Walker is likely on the outs if he cannot find a way to at least make the playoffs this season. Where does one go to build a championship caliber team? The 2015 draft of course. Coach Walker will try a new strategy this year of drafting RB's that aren't just a pair of shoes and only time will tell if it is going to pay off.

                       QB-Ben (goddamn warrior) Rothliesberger

                                        RB-Demarco Murray

                                          RB-Lesean McCoy

                                         WR-Randall Cobb

                                         WR-Steve Smiff Sr.

                                         TE-Jimmy Graham

                                         Flex-Mike Wallace

                                          Flex-Pierre Garcon


Bench-Matthew Stafford, Percy Harvin, Fred Jackson, Vernon Davis, Andre Williams, Dion Lewis.

With all 12 teams in the Paper Plate League drafted, and the new season only days away, agony will set in as Coach Walker looks to find the right group of starters that just may save his season and his career.

Coming up this season: recaps, highlights, and breakdowns of each terrible managerial decision made by Coach Walker.

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