Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hard Knocks: Week 2 Recap

Oooh kill em oooh.

As an 0-2 start loomed, NEW DAY ROCKS!!! rose to the occasion and left the JOD Juggernauts lying in a pile of blood, urine, and vomit. A big win against an even bigger rival just might be what the team needeed to get the season back on track and they definitely parted like it mattered led by Coach Walker.

"EHHHHHHHHH Welcome back to the win column babababy! Hell of an effort out there guys. I mean nothing makes me happier than laying waste to that excuse of a team. It was like taking candy from a grown ass baby and it was BEAUTIFUL! Big Ben! Great game and Steeeeve Smiff! That's right, I never lost faith in you and that's why you got the start and your last name back. Nice work. Randall, if God is gonna keep throwing you the football, keep catching em! Get your head up LeSean, you'll get that endzone soon enough.

"It was a big win but let's not get too carried...Steve, put the goddamn champagne away, it's week 2. As I was saying we still have a lot of ball left to play and a few players need to figure this football shit out. You're like 6'12'' with a 50 inch vertical Jimmy, tell mini Jesus to throw it up to you every play and snag a TD or 2. Get it together DeMarco, I see you crying in your locker over there. What do you have like 11 rush yards right now? I think Walter Payton has more this season and I don't even know if he's still alive. All in all though, nice work guys and let's get ready for this next victim."

"I almost forgot, game ball goes to Dion Lewis. I made a poor managerial decision in not starting you this week and you KILLED IT but that won't happen again. Teams are lining up to trade for you right now so keep it rolling and stay hungry. That goes for everybody. On to week 3"

Another week down means another week closer to playoff time and a chance at winning the Golden Plate Trophy. A win against a rival is a great momentum builder heading into week 3 but will NEW DAY have a let down against an inferior opponent like so many weeks before? Only time will tell.

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