Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hard Knocks: Week 3 Recap

Much like a flash of lightning, fantasy projections come and go without warning. That was the case with NEW DAY ROCKS!!! in week 3. With a projected 30 point win late into the first round of games, lightning struck in the form of 5 TD's in 5 minutes for HainesHumpsHeifers leaving NEW DAY demoralized and a huge underdog heading into the afternoon. The score remained fairly unchanged leading into Monday Night's match up between The Chiefs and The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. Not even God could throw enough TD's to Randall Cobb to overcome the 37 point deficit. It's another L in the standings for NEW DAY.

"LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD! You see that locker over there that's empty? That's what the fuck happens when you put up a goose egg and cost the team the W. You could blame it on me for starting that empty pair of shoes Vernon but all he had to do was get 1 catch for 7 yards. ONLY 1 CATCH! MATTHEW SHIT BIRD STAFFORD EVEN HAD A CATCH! I am just disgusted with this team right now. You guys just lost to a team you should have beat by 50 and you don't even seem to care."

"I'm sick of this shit and we need to turn it around quick. Big Ben! I thought you were a goddamn warrior, invincible out on the field? You let some turd fall on your leg and you're out 4-6 weeks? Knee injuries are for washed up 26 year olds trying to relive their hey day in a high school gym. COME ON! Steve, helluva week out there, I expect more of the same next week and I'll see the rest of you bums at practice on Monday."

Turmoil between Coach Walker and the players seems to be growing at an exponential rate and only one thing can fix it. Winning. NEW DAY looks to rebound in week 4 against a very weak opponent but they will have to get the W with Alex Smith at the helm. A very tricky task indeed.

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