Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hard Knocks: Week 4 Recap

When a professional golfer steps up to the tee box, he knows where the ball is going to land. He has put in countless hours to create a reliable and consistent swing. The exact opposite can be said for an amateur as the tee shot is set up with no prayer of going where it's intended. The ball may start off fine but will eventually slice and end up 75 yards short of its potential. Fantasy Football is an amateur golfer at its finest and Coach Walker experienced it first hand in week 4.

"I'm almost speechless after that win guys. You played SO fucking bad but somehow managed to squeak out a win. I mean, it was just a horseshit effort all around. Do you know who you just played? That drunk scrub Tim Riggins! Annoying ass Lyla Garrity! And Matt Sarasuck! All I can say is that if you would have lost that game, heads were gonna roll. Anyways, we've got a light bench this week so we're gonna need every starter to perform for once. Dig into the playbook and prep for this next chump."

Steve Smiff discussing his anticipated return to NEW DAY
"Game ball goes to Jimmy Graham for being just not shitty enough to get us the W on Monday. And one last thing. Stand up Reggie. Everybody take a good look because this is the last time Reggie is going to be putting on a NEW DAY jersey. You're fucking cut! Get your things and get out of my face. Onto Week 5."

NEW DAY now has a string of 4 weeks where it will be a heavy favorite and it needs to capitalize. There are currently 9 teams within 1 game of first place and a streak in either direction at this point will make or break the season.