Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hard Knocks: Week 3 Recap

Coming off the dismantling of Zimmer Down Now, Coach Walker had all the momentum in the world and he managed to funnel Big Mo into a giant week 3 win. It was by no means a pretty win as YO TEAM IS BOOTY!!!! held off Team Statboi in a dog fight. It was a game that could have gone either way but Coach Statboi added unnecessary fuel to the fire when he texted Coach Walker prior to the match up and told him to "kiss the ring, bitch." Coach Walker knows all to well what an embarrassment it can be to lose after talking that kind of trash and he was hyped in the locker room to say the least.

"TODD GODDAMN GURLEY! WELCOME TO THE TEAM! It only took you 3 weeks but You delivered that win today. D-JAX! This win is on your back too. You were out there making moves and dropping corners like they are going out of style. Nice work. OOH BABY was that a great win for us guys! Let's keeping climbing up that leader board and making people take notice. I do need to apologize to one guy real quick. Steve Smiff, I'm sorry that I lost faith in you but rest assured that is not going to happen again. You are a warrior out there every game so be ready for the start next week. It's your turn to get the team the next W!"

Still pumped after the locker room pep talk, Coach Walker went off on Coach Statboi in the post game news conference.

"It feels good to win but it's even better when you knock off an overrated chump of a coach like that. I mean, can you believe he had the nerve gloat about being in first place after week 2? Last time I checked his name isn't even on that Golden Plate trophy. It just goes to show you that some guys aren't cut out to win in this league. Enough about the past though, we're excited about the future."

It appears that Coach Walker might have his team on the right track for the first time in years and YO TEAM IS BOOTY!!!!'s fans are itching for more. Will the streak run to 3 or is an unto common meltdown in store? A week 4 showdown with Drakes' Team For Now holds the answers.

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