Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hard Knocks: Week 11 Recap

An erroneous whistle on a would be 60 yard TD for Deandre Hopkins might have been the biggest play in YO TEAM IS BOOTY!!!!'s season. The call saved Coach Walker's playoff hopes and set his team up with an opportunity to define it's own destiny in week 12.

"Are the replacement refs still out there?? HAHAHAH that was a thing of beauty. You better find that ref and thank him Cole because we lose without it and I would have put that L on you. I benched your ass for ELI FUCKING ROGERS and you didn't complain. I mean, the guy's name is ELI! We've put ourselves in a great position though. Win and we're in the playoffs boys! CAN YOU COMPREHEND THAT? The promised land is so close that I can taste it and I hope you feel the same! GAME BALL. Clearly goes to that bum ass ref that gave us the W! Let's finish it off for him."

"I would like to take this moment to apologize for knocking Muffin Yoface out of the playoffs. It's a nasty business but damn does it feel good to be on this end of it for once. I would also like to give a shout out to the Detroit Lions for giving us the recipe for success. Struggle for 55 minutes and show up for the last 5. Anyways, it's on to the biggest game of the year and the only way I see us losing is if Cousins and Elliot combine for 60+ points. Like that's going to happen! I predict Ebron carries us to the W as he's been on fire his last 3 games. You can quote me on that!"

Week 12 is not the last regular season game of the season but it could cement YO TEAM IS BOOTY!!!!'s place in the playoffs. That is, if they can manage to struggle out another win.

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