Sunday, February 26, 2017

Eric's Favorite Things of 2016

I'm a little behind on the 3rd annual list of my favorite things as I was busy picking Super Bowl champions but here it is at last. Once again, these will be things that occurred in 2016 or things that I came across for the first time in 2016. Oprah still can't hold a candle to my list.


Arrival-A new take on Aliens coming to Earth and it does not disappoint. A good soundtrack too.

Fences-It's Denzel. Should have won that Oscar!

Alonzo Harris is coming for Casey Affleck

-Speaking of Oscars. What the hell happened the other night?

Hell or High Water-A bank heist movie with top notch acting.

Edge of Seventeen-I once made a sarcastic joke about wanting to see this in theaters and maybe I should have. A very good movie in the "I'm an awkward high schooler trying to figure life out" genre. Woody Harrelson is great too.

Hidden Figures-I didn't know Cookie Lyon used to work for NASA but you learn something new everyday (you probably don't get that reference).

Lion-A cool, true story about a kid who gets lost in India and uses Google Earth to find his way home after he's adopted and grows up in Tasmania.

Roge One:A Star Wars Story-Well, at least the second half of the movie. Don't watch the clip if you don't want to see its best scene.

TV-I kept this list to shows that debuted in 2016 (or so)

Atlanta-EASILY my favorite show of 2016. When you combine rap, comedy, and Migos into one show, you can do no wrong.

Stranger Things-You are a lost cause if you haven't heard of or watched this show yet.

Westworld-I would be lying if I told you I knew what was going on in this show. If you need a reason to watch it though, just check out it's parental guidance rating. TV-MA LSVGPRZX. You know, HBO style.

Planet Earf II-This one is a no brainer. HD viewing is a must.

The Hunt-Another nature show from BBC that should also be viewed in HD.

Luke Cage-Netflix followed up Jessica Jones with another, very good, super hero show.

The Night of-The pilot episode for this mini series is right up there as one of the best.

Billions-A billionaire hedge fund guy vs. a U.S. attorney. Not plausible in the real world but an entertaining show nonetheless.

Desus & Mero-The BEST late night "talk show" on TV right now. Well, it's on the Viceland channel which I know you don't have but the most recent week's episodes are on These two are dropping content like The Lounge Chair Legends used to (cough...ugh Joe) AND they have a stuffed bear wearing Tims as part of their set. The brand is strong! #Bodegahive.

O.J.: Made in America-Just when you think there couldn't be anymore OJ publicity, ESPN drops a 5 part series about the man, the trial, and the aftermath. A great documentary.

I've got nothing here. Just go check it out on Watch ESPN.


The Nightingale-A WWII story about 2 women who did their best to survive and defy the German occupation of France.

All the Light We Cannot See-This novel follows 2 kids whose paths cross for one day, years later during WWII.

Open-Andre Agassi does his best and succeeds at painting his disdain for the sport that defined him.

Shadow Divers-A true story about a group of divers that discovers a sunken, unidentified, German U-boat off the coast of New Jersey.

Red Rising/Golden Sun/Morning Star-Sci-fi trilogy that is described as The Hunger Games on Mars. I would agree but add that these are a lot better as the 2ND BOOK ISN"T THE SAME AS THE FIRST ONE!

Mr. Mercedes/Finders Keepers/End of Watch-Stephen King's crime trilogy that goes all sorts of supernatural in the finale.

Ballad of the Whiskey Robber-A true story of a bank robbing, "professional" hockey player in Hungary during the 90's.


Migos-The only thing worthy enough to make the list.

Video Games

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End-The final chapter (I hope not) in the Uncharted series was an absolutely beautiful game. Definitely worthy of the $60 price tag.

Battlefield 1-This super fun game set during WWI allows one to relive all of the uplifting things that took place during the war to end all wars. I'm getting pretty good too!


Wrestlemania-Much like the light bulb and the car, the great idea to attend Wrestlemania 32 was hatched at Aquafest in Rice Lake, WI. Tickets were purchased, the car was gassed up, and 18 hours were driven to get there. Being in that stadium and hearing 100,000 people collectively lose their shit when that glass broke and Stone Cold entered made everything worth it. Getting to see my Uncle Randy for the first time in a decade was just icing on the cake!

Road Trips-Wrestlemania was just road trip #1 for 2016. The second took place in late September as my mom and I drove 2,700 hundred miles around the northeast. A story that was well chronicled on this very blog. Read up.

The Election-I don't know if this was one of my favorite things but boy was/is it entertaining. From the attack ads, to the debates, to the actual election, to the fallout, to SNL it has been a fun ride. LOCK HER UP! KILLARY!

Trail Mix-I started making my own trail mix and I'm going to give you my secret recipe. It's 1 lb, 4 oz of Planters lightly salted peanuts, 1 lb raisins, and 3.5 cups M&M's. You can of course add whatever else you want but I have perfected the base for you. You're welcome.

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