Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bailey "Nugget" Walker 2002-Too Soon

Bailey "Nugget" Walker, age 12, passed away today in Rice Lake, WI. He is survived by all 5 members of the Walker household and both of his sisters Chelsea and Peyton "Pey Pey" Walker.

He will always be remembered for taking 8 years to potty train and for his love of running away anytime he wasn't on a leash. Bailey enjoyed going on runs, chewing on anything he could get his teeth on (his younger years), and kicking it with his former Golden Retriever roommate Casey.

Bailey struggled early on in life as the rough streets of Grantsburg, WI tried to drag him into the notorious world of dog fighting. The Walker family showed up just in time to save him from what could only be described as a short life of anger and despair. From there, Bailey thrived and did so well that he even had an opportunity to star in Homeward Bound 5 but decided against it as it would take him away from his beloved family for 6 months.

As the years went by, Big Nugget grew old and blind but he lived life to the fullest and died without any regrets, a thing that many don't get to say. He will be loved and missed by hundreds in the Rice Lake community but he will never be forgotten.

A foundation is being established in his name to support battered and homeless dogs in the Rice Lake area. Contributions can be made to Eric.

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