Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Road Trip: Day 4

Start: Montpelier, VT
Finish: Old Orchard Beach, ME
Miles: 234
States: VT, NH, ME

Being a state capital you would think Montpelier would have something to do but that was not the case and it was good to get on the road in the morning. 111 miles was the first leg of the day and the goal was the top of Mount Washington.

Heading to the peak in the middle.
When we arrived, New Hotness took one look at that mountain and said "not again" but she held her own and made it up the 8 mile, 4,600 ft climb. The road was a TIGHT 2 lanes all of the way up and anytime we passed somebody, I thought we were going to swap paint.

White line to white line is TWO lanes.
The views from the top were pretty incredible as we were lucky enough to be able to see 100 miles in every direction. The temp was around 40 degrees and the winds were calm for being the windiest place in North America. 231 mph winds were recorded here in 1934 and I was hoping to at least hit 100 while we were up there.

Inside the observation area was a museum and lots of information on the history of Mount Washington. One thing I found particularly interesting was a list of every person that had died on the mountain since the 19th century. I'm proud to say that out of the 157 people that have died up there, not one was from WI. Kept that streak ALIVE!

Apparently it was windy recently.
The drive down was once again all coasting with lots of brake pumping. They have brake stops at various places and we hit up 3 of them as my brakes started to smell like a dumpster fire.

Some Frenchy took our pic for us. Merci!
The original ending destination was Portland, ME where we would be whale watching in the morning but we landed a sweet deal at a motel in Old Orchard Beach, right on the beach.

See, right on the beach.
Tomorrow: Swimming in the ocean, whale watching, and Bahston.

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