Thursday, September 29, 2016

Road Trip: Days 5 and 6

Start: Old Orchard Beach, ME
Finish: Warwick, RI
Miles: 210
States: ME, NH, MA, RI

The best way to wake up in the morning is by taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean and I did just that on Tuesday. The rain added to the cold but I toughed it out for you readers.

After breakfast, it was a quick, 20 minute drive north to Portland where we would attempt to see some whales.

Our boat.
The first 45 minutes went great until my stomach decided it was going to act like a punk and basically make the next 3+ hours absolutely miserable. I didn't throw up but I spend most of the time with my eyes closed waiting to get off the ocean. She and I are no longer friends.

We did end up seeing 2 whales so the trip wasn't a complete waste, it just wasn't very enjoyable and it appeared that a lot of other people felt the same way. One couple did get engaged while we were out there and I was soooo happy for them..............

A piece of the Berlin Wall just chilling in Maine.
After that experience, I just wanted to get to the hotel so I could chill in the hot tub and relax. Boy were we in for a surprise as the hotel basically lacked everything essential for being a hotel. There was no hot tub, mini-fridge, alarm clock, breakfast, or even complimentary shampoo. The pool was closed, the towels had stains on them, and the bathtub faucet moved as though Michael J. Fox had been working on it. We basically spent $80 for a room with door.

Start: Warwick, RI
Finish: Secaucus, NJ
Miles: 201
States: RI, CT, NY, NJ

Only in the northeast can you go back to back days of barely driving 200 miles and end up going through 4 states. Today was more of a setup day to get into position to hit up Manhattan in the morning so not much happened.

The jects in the Bronx. 
We made it to New Jersey around 1 pm and had some time to kill before checking in so we headed to downtown Newark to check out the Prudential Center.

If you didn't know, that would be the home of the 3-time Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils. They just happen to be my favorite hockey team so we had to check it out. It would have been possible to take a tour had the arena not been in the process of being converted for an Amy Schumer show. We were still able to check out the gift shop though.

And get a picture in front of this thing. It wasn't the Martin Brodeur statue I was hoping for but it's still kinda cool I guess.

One final note. MetLife stadium is visible from our hotel room and I'm almost 100% sure I can see Eli out there practicing his pick 6's. Must be why he's so good at them.

Tomorrow: The World Trade Center, The Color Purple and hopefully some wild, only in NY shit.

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